Commit 46a392ba authored by Jaime Arias's avatar Jaime Arias
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update formula generator

parent 80f8614d
......@@ -207,13 +207,15 @@ def generate_formulas(model_name,
if (is_satisfied is None):
# if number of explored states is not satisfied
if not check_explored_states(model_name, model_instance, f, timeout,
min_explored_states, paths):
# add to formulas satisfied
if is_satisfied and len(true_formulas) < n:
# if number of explored states is not satisfied
has_explored_states = check_explored_states(
model_name, model_instance, f, timeout, min_explored_states,
if not has_explored_states:
write_formula(model_name, model_instance, f, formula_id, paths)
formula_id = formula_id + 1
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