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# SOG-Based Hybrid LTL Model Checking
# Hybrid Parallel Model Checking of Hybrid LTL on Hybrid State Space Representation
This repository hosts the results for the paper.
......@@ -6,18 +6,17 @@ The experimental results were obtained on [Magi
cluster]( of [University Sorbonne Paris
Nord]( We used the partition `COMPUTE` which has 40
processors (two Intel Xeon E5-2650 v3 at 2.30GHz) connected by an InfiniBand
network, and 64GB of RAM. A total of 5 models from the [Model Checking
network, and 64GB of RAM. A total of 4 models from the [Model Checking
Contest]( were used in our experiments:
*[Philosophers](models/philo/description.pdf)* (`philo`),
*[RobotManipulation](models/robot/description.pdf)* (`robot`),
(`spool`), *[CircularTrains]((models/train/description.pdf))* (`train`), and
*[TokenRing](models/tring/description.pdf)* (`ring`).
(`spool`), and *[CircularTrains]((models/train/description.pdf))* (`train`).
## Clone this repository:
git clone && cd atva2020
git clone && cd hybrid
## Folder Structure
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