Commit 9ebd6440 authored by Jaime Arias's avatar Jaime Arias
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fix: arguments of cli

parent ca1362c1
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ def create_default_paths():
def command(model_name, model_instance, n_formulas, min_states, timeout,
command = os.path.join(paths["scripts"], "")
return f"{command} --n {n_formulas} --timeout {timeout} --min_states {min_states} --model_name {model_name} --model_instance {model_instance}"
return f"{command} --n {n_formulas} --timeout {timeout} --min_states {min_states} --model-name {model_name} --model-instance {model_instance}"
def generate_sbatch(model_name, model_instance, n_formulas, min_states,
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