Commit fe680c00 authored by Jaime Arias's avatar Jaime Arias
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only run experiment if it has not been already executed

parent ba798580
......@@ -266,7 +266,9 @@ def mpi_run(command, nodes, threads, timeout_minutes, job_name, output_folder):
error_file = f"{output_folder}/{job_name}.err"
output_file = f"{output_folder}/{job_name}.out"
timeout = timeout_minutes * 60
return f'mpirun --mca orte_rsh_agent "oarsh" -machinefile $OAR_NODEFILE --npernode {nodes} -cpus-per-proc {threads} --timeout {timeout} {command} > {output_file} 2>{error_file}'
command = f'mpirun --mca orte_rsh_agent "oarsh" -machinefile $OAR_NODEFILE --npernode {nodes} -cpus-per-proc {threads} --timeout {timeout} {command} > {output_file} 2>{error_file}'
return f"[ ! -f {output_file} ] && {command};"
def generate_experiment_name(tool_dict):
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