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......@@ -275,5 +275,8 @@ TSWLatexianTemp*
# vscode configuration
# End of
......@@ -40,3 +40,20 @@ The scripts will generate the figure (`scalability.{pdf, png}`) comparing the
minimal scheduling computed for each generated ADTree model (`results.csv`
file). In addition, these results are parsed as a table in `latex` format
## 3. Generation of a ADTree models
We provide the tool `generator`. This tool generates ADTree models with the
following specifications.
./generator -d <depth> -w <width> -c <children> -t <type> -f <output_file>
- `depth` is the depth of the ADTree.
- `width` is the number of deepmost leaves.
- `children` corresponds to the number of children of each gate.
- `type` corresponds to the type of the gates of the ADTree. It can be `OR` or `AND`.
- `output_file` is the path where the output will be saved.
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